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Welcome to the Old Hunstanton Parish Council Website. This has been designed to increase access to information and communication with residents and visitors to this beautiful North Norfolk coastal village.
If you wish to contribute information or photographs, know of any events, or have any other website enquiries please contact
Caroline Boyden, the Parish 


























Please note that the Le Strange Estate has had to close the walking through the park on a Thursday due to protecting the area from  Avian Bird Flu.


Flood Warnings and Tide Times:

Details about how to be prepared for flooding & other emergencies
can be found at


Neighbourhood Development Plan:

To allow deviation from the Examiner’s Report (ERMs), under Regulations 18 the Borough Council is required to undertake a 6-weeks consultation, to allow the Old Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan to depart from the ERMs.  Full details of the consultation are available through the Old Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan web page.


The consultation will run for six weeks, from Wednesday, 6 September until Wednesday, 18 October 2023 (inclusive).  Representations should be made, in writing, as follows, by:

Planning Policy

King’s Court

Chapel Street

King’s Lynn

PE30 1EX


Following our public survey about dogs at Holme Beaches last year we would like to invite local residents to come and meet NWT staff members to hear about our proposals and to ask any questions they may have, the details of which are below:


Local residents in and around Holme, Thornham and Old Hunstanton are invited to contact Norfolk Wildlife Trust to discuss their proposals:

More info:


Jonathan Preston

Nature Conservation Manager West





The Parish Council is responsible for the general upkeep of the parish and the play area. We respond to planning applications although these are the responsibility of the Borough Council.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on the 16th of November 2023 from 6.00pm at the Village Hall - all welcome.

Norfolk County Council is responsible for highways

- please report issues such as pot holes, overgrown areas etc., directly to them as they will give you a reference number and updates on progress.


Parking Issues via:
and parking obstructions via
Household bins -  Bins in Hunstanton and the villages throughout west Norfolk are emptied by Serco. You can contact them on 03301099220.
Checking Text on a Document

View meeting minutes from 2021 onwards

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